Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Analytical Chemistry
Research Centre for Automatic Methods of Analysis

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Representative: Prof. Andrei Florin Danet


University of Bucharest (UB is the biggest University in Romania. Faculty of Chemistry ( is one of the most important faculty in the University of Bucharest, with an European acknowledgement. Many professors of the faculty, especially in the past, had graduated and defended their Ph.D. thesis in Western countries. In the last decade and at present were developed several international programmes financed by EU (Tempus, Inco Copernicus, Erasmus, research collaboration within FP4 and FP5 frameworks EU etc.). Moreover, University of Bucharest is involved in many bilateral agreements with Western universities.
The Faculty of Chemistry has seven major departments. In the Analytical Chemistry Department is working an important educational and research group. The "Research Centre for Automatic Methods of Analysis" of the Faculty of Chemistry is developing an important activity in the field of environmental monitoring and control. The activity of this Centre is highlighted by the number of national and international projects in which it is involved, published papers and several international collaborations.


The Research Centre for Automatic Methods of Analysis (RCAMA) was established in 2000. Within this centre are developing their research activity a umber of about 18 persons: professors, researchers from different institutes with which RCAMA is collaborating and Ph.D. students.

1. Chemical sensors and biosensors for food quality control and environmental pollution control.

2. Automatic methods of flow injection analysis for quality control of food and environmental pollution control.

3. Chemiluminometric analysis for pharmaceuticals, quality control of different products and environmental control.

4. Training and retraining in the field of automatic methods of analysis and environmental pollution control.

5. Microproduction of automatic equipment of analysis.

"Analytical Chemistry" courses for graduated and undergraduate students;

"Automatic Methods of Analysis ", "Flow Methods of Analysis based on the use of Biosensors" and "Operational Parameters of Analytical and Control Methods", courses for graduated students.

Projects for undergraduated and graduated students, teachers and researchers, exchanges in Programmes like: European Concerted Actions, Socrates, Erasmus, FP4 and FP5 workprogrammes of EU, Marie Curie, Leonardo da Vinci

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