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The University of Perpignan is a young university created in 1975. It is composed of 5 Faculties, 3 Technology Institutes and 3 Professional Institutes and 15 research centres in sciences. There are more than 10 000 students of which more than 30 % are from foreign countries. It is part in 96 international agreement contracts with 36 countries and participates in various scientific programmes and specific actions.

Representative: Prof. Jean-Louis MARTY

General activity

The BIOMEM Laboratory was created in 1990 (name until 2003: Centre de Phytopharmacie) at the University of Perpignan.The research group is coordinated by Prof. Jean-Louis Marty and is currently composed by professor Régis Rouillon, two associated professors Dr. Thierry Noguer and Dr. Lise Barthelmeb, two engineer Gérard Jeanty and Jean-Pierre Cambon, one invited professor Gilvanda Silva Nunes (from Brasil), one post-doc Dr. Monica Campas and five Ph.D. students Florent Breton, Bogdan Bucur, Ana Maria Gurban, Dorota Szydlowska and Akane Sakaguchi.

Research Activity

The research is focussed on the development of biosensors in

-environmental field: detection, analysis, toxicity of pesticides and bacterial toxins in waters and solid samples,

-agro-food field: the detection of various substrates for monitoring fermentation of wine and quality of foods,

And synthesis of MIPS for pesticides and heavy metals extraction.


Training Activity:

- Analytical Chemistry courses for graduated and undergraduated students

- Biosensor technology and biosensor training for graduated and undergraduated students.

- Project research and changes of students in various programmes : European concerted actions, Tempus, Erasmus, Leonardo de Vinci, ECOS-Nord, French-Japanese Doctoral College.

List of recent publications (selection):

ˇ         S. Andreescu, D. Fournier, J-L. Marty "Development of highly sensitive sensor based on bio-engineered acetylcholinesterase immobilized by affinity method", Analytical Letters, 36, 9, 1865-1885, 2003.

ˇ         E. Devic, L.Dunhai, A. Dauta, P.Henriksen, G.A. Codd, J-L. Marty, D. Fournier,
"Detection of anatoxin-a(s) in environmental samples of cyanobacteria using a biosensor with engineered acetylcholinesterases", Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Vol 68, N°8, 4102-4106, 2002.

ˇ         G. Jeanty, A. Wojciechowska, J-L. Marty, M. Trojanowicz,"Flow-injection amperometric determination of selected pesticides based on inhibition of immobilized acetylcholinesterases of various origins", Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 373, 691-695, 2002.

ˇ         T. Noguer, A.M. Balasoiu, A. Avramescu, J-L. Marty,"Development of a disposable biosensor for the detection of metam-sodium and its metabolite MITC", Analytical Letters, 34 (4) 513-528, 2001.

ˇ         T. Montesinos, S. Perez-Munguia, F. Valdes, J-L. Marty,"Disposable cholinesterase biosensor for the detection of pesticides in water-miscible organic solvents", Analytica Chimica Acta, 431,231-237, 2001.

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