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Research Institute for Chemistry – Bucharest


Biotechnology Department

202 Spl. Independentei, 77208 Bucharest, ROMANIA

Tel. 00-402-12248800; Fax. 00-402-3123493

Representative: Dr. Mihaela BADEA, Senior scientist II

General activity

ICECHIM is one of the main institutes from Romania in the field of chemistry. The scientific activity of the institute is based on: development of studies and projects, prognosis and chemical engeneering in biotechnology, chemistry & petrochemistry; research & technical control for laboratory, pilot plants, semi-industrial and industrial chemical & petrochemical installations; development of original technologies for synthesis of surfactants & detergents, polymeric plastics & composites, elastomers, pesticides, dyes & pigments, synthetic fibres.

The Biotechnology Department is composed by 5 laboratories: Biochemistry Lab, Microbiology Lab, Bioreactors Lab, Lab of biologic-active compounds extraction and (Ligno)cellulosic bio-treatment Lab.

Research Activity

In the Biotechnology Department are developed the following main research activities:

The research activity is financed by national and international programmes & grants and by the industrial partners which are direct beneficiaries of the research results.

Training Activity

The Biotechnology Department has strong links with:

for the next training activities: organising of laboratory practices for students in field of biochemistry, biotechnology, biophysics and analytical chemistry; hosting of students for Disertation Thesis preparation for B.Sc. and M.Sc. Degrees; hosting of Ph.D. students.

The Biotechnology Department is partner in another Leonardo da Vinci Pilot Project: "Eurocompetencies Transfer in Vocational Guidance for Young Specialists in Bioscience Field", Contract nr. RO/OO/B/F/PP141028.

List of publications(selection)

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